Chang Shih Yen and Jamshid Alinasab: Ramadan Rubaiyat

Jul 2023 | Found in translation

“رباعی رمضان”

“پرستو کماندار و جمشید علی نسب”

من با خود رازی دارم: گز اصفهان

نگاهش داشتم از نوروز تا رمضان

خواب آلود، سحری همراه با خانواده

سریع خوردم، قبل از صدای اذان

با طلوع آفتاب اما بودم من گرسنه

نه غذا، نه انرژی، نه آب، تشنه ی تشنه

ساعتها و دقایق را می شمارم تا افطار

تا هدیه کنم همه گزها را به خانواده

Ramadan Rubaiyat

I have a secret: Gaz from Isfahan,

I kept from Nowruz until Ramadan,

Sleepy, I eat Sahri with family,

Quick! Eat up before the call of Azan.

With the light of day, I will be hungry,

No food, water, or energy. Thirsty,

Counting down hours, and minutes to Iftar,

When I can share my Gaz with family.

Ramadan is the Islamic holy month. During this month, able-bodied Muslims fast from dawn to sunset.

Rubaiyat is a form of traditional Persian poetry, characterised by 4-line stanzas in an AABA rhyme scheme.

Gaz is a type of nougat that originated from the Isfahan region of Iran.

Nowruz is the Iranian or Persian New Year. It falls on the equinox, on or around 21st March. In Isfahan, Gaz is traditionally served during Nowruz.

Sahri is the pre-dawn meal eaten by Muslims before fasting.

Azan is the Islamic call to prayer. Here, referring to the dawn Azan. If fasting, a person must finish eating before the dawn Azan.

Iftar is the meal at sunset when Muslims break their fast.

Ramadan Rubaiyat

by Chang Shih Yen and Jamshid Alinasab

Chang Shih Yen is a writer from Malaysia. She graduated with first class honours in English and Linguistics, and has a master’s degree in Linguistics. She is currently learning Farsi. She is the author of a work of non-fiction titled Chang Shih Yen’s Pandemic Diary: Surviving Covid-19 lockdown alone and without internet. Her second book is a work of fiction, a collection of short stories called Around The World.

Jamshid Alinasab is a PhD Candidate from Iran. He researches international entrepreneurship at the University of Otago and has a master’s degree in economics and communication from Italy. He is currently working on his thesis in Dunedin and is interested in literature and learning different languages.

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