Michael Gould: And then the sun set – small musings

Mar 2023 | Short story

At the End

I arrived at the end with my best friend

he who was steady and true

when he asked me what he could do

push me over the edge I said

and he pushed me deep into the blue.


A Perfect Place

In a hut in a field by a forest near a mountain on an island in the ocean, here

I am at peace.


The Pessimist

I’ve been wrong my whole life long

in the wrong place, at the wrong time

with the wrong people – could be a sign?


In the end it may be I was right all along

except by then – wouldn’t you know –

I’ll be long gone.


Plea to One’s Executioner

Please give me a moment to relax before you place the blade of your axe

at the back of my head, thus rendering me dead. Allow me to take a bow

for a life lived well in the here and now. When I’m ready, when I’m done

then you may proceed with your kinky kind of fun.



When Jack and I sat by the sea side by side, he said the sea’s in me

and I agreed, then said the sea is me and then we agreed that the sea

the sun, in fact we were one; and then the sun set.


Though writing poetry and vispo since the mid-1970s, Michael Gould only entered the literary arena since retiring from the workforce. He was awarded a mentorship in 2021 by the New Zealand Society of Authors with poet laureate David Eggleton. His work has appeared in publications both academic and popular in Aotearoa, Australia and England. He is the author of Surrealism and the Cinema: Open-eyed Screening (1976). He lives in Wellington.

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